DIY > rhinestone macrame bracelet

I've noticed a bunch of DIY macrame bracelets floating around on the internet these days. These are not the 
bracelets of my youth, where I would make ugly bracelets out of thick white hemp during PCAs at camp, but 
bracelets made of colourful cord with charms, chains and other fancy detailing. I decided to give it a go myself, 
putting together a pretty bracelet using waxed linen and rhinestones. It's fairly easy and I hope you enjoy!

rhinestone chain
waxed linen cord
chain nosed pliers

Steps after the break!

Cut two pieces of waxed linen, 15 inches long, and tie them in a knot, leaving about 2.5 inches of cord above the knot. Secure the two strands to a surface. These strings will remain stationary. Cut a third piece of cord, 40 inches long and center it behind your other strings.

You will use the same basic knotting technique for the entire bracelet. Take the left side of your long cord and place it over the two 
middle strings, essentially making a '4'. Place the right side of your cord over top of this string, as seen in the second picture above. 

Pull the cord on the right under the left and middle strands and through the loop on the left side

Pull the strings tight. The result should be a knot that looks like the one in the above picture.

Next you are going to repeat the same steps, but on the opposite side. Place your right string 
over the middle strings making a 'reverse 4' and the left string over top of the right string's tail. 

Pull the right string under the left and center cords and through the loop on the right side. Pull 
tight. You are going to use this same knot for the whole bracelet, alternating from side to side. 

(close-up shot of what it should look like)

Now for the rhinestones! Line the chain up with your middle strands.

You are going to tie the exact same knot you did the first time, but when you pull it tight, you want to
 make sure that it knots in the first link of the chain, securing the rhinestones to the rest of the bracelet.

Make another knot (the reverse of the previous one) and pull it tight around the second link as well.

You continue down the bracelet with the same technique. Moving onto the next link in the chain, make a knot. 

When you pull it tight, the two strings will 'frame' the second rhinestone on either side. You 
won't be able to pull this knot quite as tight, and it may slip a bit if you don't hold it tightly. 

Make the reverse knot in the same link. This should secure the second rhinestone to the bracelet.


This process is the same for the whole bracelet.

When the bracelet is long enough (make it a little shorter than your wrist - you'll want half an inch or 
so for the clasp), you can finish it off by threading the outside strings back through a few of the knots on 
the reverse side. This is where you may need the pliers to help get the strings through the tight knots. 

Once you're done, trim the strings short, and tie the two middle strings in a knot so that it matched the other end of the bracelet. 

Now for the clasp! All credit for this draw string closure goes to the girls at Honestly WTF. Take the ends of the bracelet 
and shape them into a circle, overlapping the ends. Use scrap pieces of string to temporarily tie them together.

Slide a 10 inch piece of cord behind the four strings and begin knotting, using the same technique.

When you've reached about half an inch, sew the cords up the back of the knots, as you did to finish off 
the bracelet. Remove your temporary ties. The four strings in the middle now act as adjustable ties.

Measure the bracelet to your wrist, and knot the ends of the ties where you feel it is appropriate. Trim away any excess string.



  1. Love these! Great instructions.... Thanks so much!

  2. Ooh, these are great and so sparkly! The photos make it seem very simple to do. Thanks for such clear instructions. I'm definitely going to be giving these a try!