one year

  1. Hannah's favourite thing to do is look at books. First thing in the morning, she crawls over to her bookshelf and takes them ALL out onto the middle of the living room floor, where they remain for the majority of the day. 
  2. Birdie's way of telling me that she is done with a certain food is by picking it up and throwing it onto the ground. She does this at daycare too. I'm not sure how to get her to stop. 
  3. Our favourite foods of the moment are pasta, raspberries, and toast. Bananas are still enemy number one. 
  4. Hannah is pulling herself up on everything and has begun to "cruise" around while holding onto the furniture.
  5. Hannah is now really good at grabbing things that are supposed to be out her reach. Her video monitor was the first to go, getting pulled into her crib for examination. Next up was the diaper supply. Picture a happy little bird sitting in her crib surrounded by dozens of diapers, looking so proud of herself. It was pretty great. 
  6. Following in my footsteps, as Birdie's hair gets longer, it continues to grow outward into a wonderful, messy, curly, mop. 
  7. I can't believe I waited this long into this post to talk about her newfound interest in DANCING. Okay, it's more like swaying, but when she hears a song that she's into, it's like she feels the music down in her little soul and just starts swaying back and forth. Subsequently, she now really likes when I pick her up to dance with her (complete with dramatic dips), which makes me really REALLY happy. 

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