let me see your best ice cream face

This is the story of a girl and an ice cream cone. Hannah has shared a cone with her dad before, but this was the first one that she had all to herself. We chose strawberry partly because the sign said "made with real strawberries" and partly because the woman in front of me ordered the same flavour for her similar-aged daughter. Hannah dug right in as I whispered to my mother, "I bet she drops it in less than a minute". I ate my words a moment later, when my own scoop fell off its cone and onto the sidewalk. Hannah ate nothing but delicious ice cream. 


was about wearing minimal clothing to keep cool...

and embracing the humidity and its effect on my coiffure.

the peonies in my garden bloomed and it was lovely (sigh!)

this blurry bird enjoyed them too (bigger sigh!)

Alex was called to the Ontario Bar (proud wife, right here)

and we were lucky to have his parents visit twice!

Austin turned one (and Carter continued to look identical to my brother)

we went strawberry picking in Prince Edward County

... while visiting our favourite Bellevillians!

Hannah learned to appreciate the finer things in life, like ice cream...

and beautiful scenery...

...and how much fun it is to have a travel buddy in the back seat with you.

We watched a lot of World Cup games indoors with cats to escape the heat...

sometimes that involved using said cats as a pillow.

we conquered all the playground and splash pads in a two mile radius,

while getting a few war wounds on the way, but also making new friends.

I tried to get a picture of Alex with Hannah, but Hannah interpreted it as dad telling her she couldn't play and got sad

so we went back to frolicking instead.

June sure was hot and dreamy. I can't wait for what July has in store.